Fingerboards in different variations, made of dried, seasoned wood.

We are able to fabricate every measure, CNC sawed - requests by e-mail !

Our fingerboards are available in fourwood species and five different types:

  • rough, saw cut, 8-10mm thick
  • planed, saw cut, planed on material-Thickness, 7 mm
  • with fretcuts, plane surface, 7mm thick, rough saw cut, fret cuts 0,6 mm wide
  • with fretcuts, rounded surface (radius 520mm), 7mm thick,rough saw cut, fret cuts 0,6 mm wide
  • with fretlines fot fretless basses, rounded (radius 520mm ), 7 mm thick
  • bass-fingerboards with fretcuts or fretlines: 24 frets (standard)
  • fingerboards optionally with zero-fret or nut slot (3 mm depth, 3,4 mm width)