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NOLL electronics
NOLL electronics

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Here you will find a wide range of high quality electronics for electric bass guttars.

Developed and manufactured in Germany by Klaus Noll, who is a bassist himself,
NOLL electronics are perfecting the bass sounds of German and international basses.
The sound of several basses "off-the-peg" were upgraded by retrofitting with a NOLL electronic.

We also build NOLL electronics into our BassLine basses since almost 20 years.
If you want to listen to soundfiles of basses with NOLL electronics, please visit our website

Noll electronics are supplied completely pre-wired.
The installation is simple, but you should have some
knowledge about electronics and you should be able to solder.
Installation guide and wiring diagram are included in delivery.
You will find a wide range of electronics with different pot configurations on the following pages.

If the right configuration is not listed, we can also provide individually configurated electronics. Please inqure!