HAEUSSEL Thunderbird

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Haeussel Thunderbird pickups  (humbucker) are
BassBars pickups with Thunderbird coverr.
Bassbars have a seamless magnetic field.
They sound clear and assertive. The neck and bridge pickups are specially wound
to match their positions and their volume to one another.
Bassbars are supplied with 4-conductor wiring.

Thunderbird covers available in nickel or chrome

Incl. pickup-screws stainless steel (without pickup frame)

The matching pickup frame is available as a supplementary product (see below).


BassBars have a continuous magnet field, sound pickup up to maximum stringspacing:

4-string / 20 mm
5-string / 19 mm


4- and 5-string: 92,6 x 40,4 mm (technical drawing >> see below)

photo: Thunderbird pickup nickel

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