DELANO MC 4 HY TheHybrid 4 (PU10)

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MC 4 HY "THE HYBRID" 4-string (demo model)

Unique combination of a vintage ALNICO J-PU
and an ALNICO MM-PU in MM shape.

This pickup was once installed in a bass to try it out.
The cable was shortened to 13 cm (previously 20 cm) and the cables were soldered.
There are no signs of use on the cover.

incl. screws (black), mini toggle switch, treble/cut- and volume pot

Special price !

dimensions >>> see below:  technical drawing (PDF)


Here is the original description of DELANO:

An uncompromising pickup series that combines in one single construction the two most
legendary sounds in bass history!

Part 1: J-Bass® – Single coil bridge pickup with the immortal characteristics of early 60’s pickups.
AlNiCo V magnets, classic fibre bobbin and gauge 42 wire.
Part 2: Sting Ray® Humbucker – Low resistance neck coil with 9.5 millimetre AlNiCo V magnets.
Authentic sound is guaranteed in this setting too, thanks to the specially engineered bridge J-coil:
the second MM®-coil is integrated inside.

Switching concept:
The integrated switch manager lets you get both of these great classic sounds at the touch of a toggle,
each one reconstructed exactly in its original form with all its strengths and nuances of character:
Passive function in single-coil mode, active function with the DELANO SONAR 2- or 3-band preamp
activated in Humbucker mode. The internal switching of the pickup is lightning fast, too!
For maximum sound authenticity we recommend the custom neck version of our J®-single coil
JC 4 AL/H for the neck position.
With both pickups switched on, this JJ-arrangement typically produces a noise-free output.

No trouble with treble:
The ’Hybrid’ set includes a specially designed treble pot that works as a typical passive tone control
for the J®-sounds in the passive mode and doubles as the active treble EQ in the Sting Ray® setting.
The neutral setting is located conveniently in the middle position; when switching, it’s easy to get the
basic settings you need.

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technical drawing (pdf) Download

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