PB PASSIVE - passive electronic for P-Bass, volume, tone

PB PASSIVE - passive electronic for P-Bass, volume, tone

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PB PASSIVE Unit - passive Control Unit for P-Bass

High quality dustproof pots, rugged and shielded, quick and easy mounting no soldering required

The RICHTER PB PASSIVE Control Unit is an easy mounting component for passive bass guitars like the Precision Bass TM .

It provides a volume and a tone pot. A shielded PCB replace the wiring - therfore no shielding inside the instrument is required. Screw terminals for easy and solder free connection for a pickup and grounding ensure easy mounting and - of course - the possibility to change different pickups quickly (ideal for testing).

So the unit is an ideal replacement for older or defect passive electronics.

With the high quality dustproof pots you won't have any problems with cracking noise during lifetime while turning the knob. The unit is equipped with a film capacitor which achieves best sound quality.


  • Ready to use PB PASSIVE Control Unit for quick and easy mounting
  • High quality dust proof pots
  • Low tolerance film capacitor featuring lowest distortion and superior linearity
  • Completely shielded, no shielding required inside the instrument
  • jack

Technical Data:

  • Volume, Tone (passive)
  • Weight: 25 g
  • Dimensions: 65 mm (installation length) x 13,2 mm (Iinstallation width) x 15 mm (installation depth)
  • distance from center/potentiometer axis to center/ potentiometer axis: 52 mm
  • required drilling diameter for potentiometers: 7 mm

The unit comes without knobs.


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