Richter Electronics


high-end quality electronics manufactured in Germany by Dipl. Ing. Andreas Richter

No soldering required, low-noise,  studio quality, sophisticated sound, battery power supervision onboard, rugged and shielded

The active Richter BassXX-electronics are built on a modular board system that can be adapted to your own wishes. Each board of the BassXX-base elements (Bass&Treble) has screw terminals and connectors. No soldering required! All parts and cables are completely shielded - this means no additional shielding of your instrument control cavity is required.

Each active BassXX-part can be deactivated by switching it into a passive mode by a push/pull funktion on the stacked bass-treble pot and is equipped with a status LED.

Parts from Richter Electronic Engineering are used by Luthiers like:

BassLine, Touchguitars, Basslab, Eyb Guitars, Andi Kristall, Siggi Braun Guitars, Human Base, UniCut Guitars, Public Peace, Prat Basses, Biarnel Guitars, Loud Guitars u.v.m.