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We offer everything for the advanced bass-builder. Whether noble selected woods or electronical parts or hardware.
We offer just highest quality parts at good prices.

We offer parts from companies such as
NOLL Electronics, RICHTER Electronic Engineering DELANO, HÄUSSEL, Göldo, Schaller and Hipshot.

Since 2020 we uploaded several price-reduced and limited products to our bridge, tuner and fretboard "fleamarkets".
You find an overall overview in the category offers.

Also new is the selected wood section with some seasoned and local wood planks.

Have fun browsing through wood and parts. Your  BassParts-team.




yew (Europe) no.79
79.00 *
GOELDO single bass bridge
starting from 9.00 *
GOELDO headless bass bridge
GOELDO headpiece 4-string
GOELDO headpiece 5-string
GOELDO custom jack
3.90 *
HAEUSSEL PB 4- and 5-string Halfslan (ABS)
starting from 142.50 *
HAEUSSEL PB 4- and 5-string Slan (ABS)
starting from 142.50 *
HAEUSSEL Thunderbird
starting from 171.00 *
HAEUSSEL JB 4-string 70ies
starting from 93.00 *
DELANO TheXtender HE
starting from 133.00 *
Hipshot Licensed Ultralite HB6Y 3/8"
starting from 24.00 *
Schaller S-Locks M
starting from 22.00 *
GOELDO strap pin
starting from 1.30 *
Black Korina no.112
89.00 *
makassar no.054
109.00 *
starting from 105.00 *
DELANO SBC TF Times Square (°)
starting from 168.00 *
Gotoh GB 707 Tuner
starting from 11.00 *
Hipshot B-Style Bridge
starting from 125.00 *
HAEUSSEL JB 4-string Halfslan (wood)
starting from 135.00 *
HAEUSSEL PB 4- and 5-string (wood)
starting from 171.00 *
NOLL PA 1 (E 1010)
39.50 *
PPX - multichannel piezo preamp
starting from 95.00 *
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