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Welcome the online-shop of the manufactory BassLine !


We offer everything for the advanced bass-builder.

Whether noble selected woods or electronical parts or hardware - We offer just highest quality parts at good prices.

We offer parts from companies such as Schaller, Delano, Häussel, MEC, Göldo, Noll and Kluson, for example.

As well as our BassLine products we do everything on request. That´s why we can build individual necks and fretboards with special sizes and do modifications of all types.

Have fun browsing through woods and parts. Your BassLine-team.


We now manufacture fretboards for guitar, too. Check out or flea-market for guitar- and bass fretboards!

Now available: "BassPen" - a pen made of wood waste from the BassParts workshop.


mini stereo jack cable
thumbrest wood
starting from 12.50 *
battery box 9V
8.50 *
15.00 *
PB-1 Preamp Booster
69.00 *
PPX - multichannel piezo preamp
starting from 89.00 *
NOLL PA 1 (E 1010)
32.00 *
HAEUSSEL JB 4-string Halfslan (wood)
starting from 121.50 *
HAEUSSEL PB 4- and 5-string (wood)
starting from 156.50 *
DELANO SBC TF TimeSquare (°)
starting from 162.00 *
starting from 101.00 *
SCHALLER bass bridge 3D
starting from 69.00 *
Goeldo 3-D bass bridge
starting from 26.00 *
breakfast board
20.00 *
makassar no.054
109.00 *
Guitar-Fingerboard (rounded) with fretcuts
starting from 32.00 *
P-style Body alder 127
199.00 *
Stacked dome control knob
starting from 5.80 *
cutting board
89.00 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus Shipping